Setting grid Combo text style

I want to format the text style for the combo values, for a “co” type column in a dhtmlxGrid.

var combo = grid.getCustomCombo(rowId, colIndex); combo.put(<option>, <value>);
combo.put doesnt support adding in another parameter to set the style for the value,
like addOption of the dhtmlxCombo does.

How can I achieve this ?
Please help.

It possible to change style of the “co” or “coro” options only with css:

<style> .dhx_combo_select { //any css style here } </style>

That would mean every combo gets the same style. I want to apply the stlye to only one combo.
There has to be some method to achieve it.

Unfortunately it impossible to do with “co” or “coro” eXcell types.