Setting # of rows per page

I am using professional dhtmlxGrid with dhtmlxTabbar for paginal output.

Currently, # of rows per page is set to 5rows per page, 10rows per page, 15rows per page,…,30rows per page.

But I want to change this to 50,100,200,300,400,1000 rows per page.

I can also change it to 100,200,300,400,500,600 rows per page to match the increment and the number of list values.

I accidentally posted the question without finishing it.

I am using enablePagingWT function for the paginal output.

How can I change this setting?

This settings hardcoded , but you can easily update them.
In dhtmlxGrid_pgn you can locate and update next string

            this.aToolBar.addItem(new dhtmlXSelectButtonObject(“perpagenum”,“5,10,15,20,25,30”,“5”+this._WTlabels[4]+",10"+this._WTlabels[4]+",15"+this._WTlabels[4]+",20"+this._WTlabels[4]+",25"+this._WTlabels[4]+",30"+this._WTlabels[4]+"",f1,120,18,“toolbar_select”));

the 5,10,15,20,25,30 - list of of possible page labels, the text after it list of labels

Basically you can access the selectbox and change it values on the fly as
    grid.aToolBar.getItem(‘perpagenum’).addOption(500,“500 per page”);

Thanks, I got it!