Setting properties of chart with multiple series


I am using dhtmlx chart lines and I change dynamically some properties with the define api: for example, I do this:

chart.define(‘yAxis’, {
start: 0,
end: 100,
step: 10

How can I use this API with multiple series chart ? I use addSeries, which works fine, but I don’t know how to change properties of yAxis of different series; I did not found any define api on serie object.

Thanks for any help,


Chart does not support multiple axises. So, it is impossible to define different axises for series.

Hi Alexandra,

Thank you for your response,
I understand I can not have multiple axis, but I can have multiple series.
How can I define different properties on each series ?
Can I modify the color of one series, once it has been created ?

thanks for your help,

Hi Nicolas,

It is impossible to change series after it’s created. You’ll have to rebuild chart:

var chart; function buidChart(config,data){ if(chart) chart.destructor(); chart= new dhtmlXChart(...); ... }