Setting Skins on Subgrid & selecting one row to fill subgrid

I would like to assign a different CSS to a subgrid than that of the main grid can you do that. I was able to change styling by setting subgrid.setStyle.

Also I want to isolate one row from the main grid and load it into a sub grid (editing capabitilities) Is there a way to do that with a PHP grid connector. When I issue the php with an xxx.php?id=5002 I still get back the entire table not just the one record.

Thanks for your help

Normally you can use onSubGridCreated or onSubGridLoaded event, and from it call subgrid.setSkin(…)
Please beware that subgrid was designed to use skin of parents grid, and while you can change skin of it, nested css rules may look not as good as for standalone grid.

When I issue the php with an xxx.php?id=5002
Grid connector doesn’t provide data by id, but you can create a separate php file with render_sql instruction and SQL code with WHERE id = $_GET[“id”] rule