Setting task parent to "No Parent" makes it disappear


Using the lightbox, I am changing the parent of a task to “No Parent”, after I click save the tasks and all its children simply disappears from the Gantt chart.

See reproduce steps at the following video url:

This can be reproduce on your online example at: … ector.html

Just set any task thats has a parent to “No Parent” then see it disappear.

Is there a fix for this?


we’ve confirmed the problem. I’ll post an update here as soon as we’ll have a fix

Thank you.

Try adding the attached patch somewhere on the page, after dhtmlxgantt.js file (421 Bytes)

It did not seem to fix the issue.

I am working with the pro version and using the Gantt.getGanttInstance( ); command to get the gantt objet.

You can see the code at the following:

Try the updated script (479 Bytes)

Problem solved - Thank you for the wonderful support!! :smiley: