Settings do not save

I am working with v2.0 an cannot get the settings to save! I have activated/deactivated the plugin, turned off all plugins and tried different themes. I have removed all plugins, cleaned the database to remove the orphan files. I believe that it was working after the first install but after deleting the original calendar page, the software will not create a new page. I am able to add the code to a new page. I am working with WP 3.01. After checking the forum and Internet, I was not able to find a solution. Any help will be appreciated. This is a great plugin and would love to add it to my websites!


Try updating to the latest 2.3 version.

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Hi Ilya,
Wow, that was fast and thank you for the link. I searched for a newer version but could not find one for WP! I installed v2.3 and found several configuration errors when opening the Settings. After a restore, update, and save, the changes now stick. I will continue to test the software for my application since I have notice some issues posted on the forum. FYI, the software shows at v2.0 on the Plugin list but definitely different from the version I was originally testing. I will post to the forum if I find any problems.