"Settings" wheel is missing

Hi folks –

I’m working on a custom, very bare-bones theme, so it’s likely that I don’t have something initialized or installed that I should – but when I’m logged in, my spreadsheet doesn’t have the upper-right hand corner Settings icon or the PDF/Excel icons (when I’m not logged in, I DO have the PDF/Excel icons).

I know that it’s not a browser issue, because I can see (and use) the Settings on your live demo at dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxS … ndex.shtml

Any ideas? Help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

please, try to increase spreadsheet width. Does it appear for now?

Hi radyno –

Success! Thank you – I’ll just use the wider spreadsheet to set everything up and then bring it back to the width I want when I’m done with the settings.

Cheers! :wink: