SetUpdated Problem 2


I found that it’s not a SetUpdated(rId,true,“inserted”) problem,
it’s all about dataprocessor not capable to sendData for large amount of data.

I have a grid with 129 records and make SetUpdated(rId,true,“inserted”) for every row.
When exec dp.sendData(), it fails.
However when I shrink the size of the grid data to about 50 rows, it works!!!

I have tried to make segments(i=0 to 50, i =50 to 100, etc.) for dp to sendData, it works!!!
For Large Data/many rows in grid, dataprocessor doesn’t work!!!

Any suggestions or fix on dataprocessor??

In which mode you are using dataprocessor?
It can send data by both GET and POST. Get is limited in size, while POST allows much more data ( can be counted as unlimited )

You can use

dp.setTransactionMode("POST", true);

to force sending data as POST