"setValue()" increases cell size on "onRowSelect"

On the following link you can find a grid loaded from XML:


The XML content is:


There is a cell with value “CLICK HERE”. If you click on it in Chrome some header values are filled in and unfortunately the height of the first row is increased. And it is increased for every new click on the “CLICK HERE” cell. IE and FF are okay. How to resolve this issue? Is it DHTMLX or browser related issue?

The following code in your css file is causing the cell height changing:
div.gridbox_clear table.obj tr.rowselected td.cellselected, div.gridbox_clear table.obj td.cellselected {
/* border:1px solid #8e1919; */

hi sematik

and is it possible to have that border and font-weight change and not to have the cell height change?

One thing I noticed: if I commented out the .setValue() commands from the .html file the increasing of the height of the row did not happen. Is it possible to set the cell values with some styling?

Unfortunately your note is not clear.
Could you please, provide an updated snippet demonstrating the logic.

just compare these 2 files:



The first link is the old link. The second is the updated, where I commented out the .setValue() functions. In the second one the increasing of the row is not happening. So my question is: Is it possible to put formatted data into the “limits” (min, max…) so I don’t have that cell bigger and bigger.

the second link has the same behavior as I see:

this behavior have no attitude to the value setting.
your selected cell has an additional border. This border is outside of the grid cell, so the height of your selected cell is increasing accordingly to that border.
Please, try to add the similar border but with white color (for example) to all the cells in your grid, so all your cells (selected and unselected) will have the same height.

Please click on cell “CLICK HERE” in Chrome (other browsers are okay). The entire row will be increased by 10px on each click on the first link. The second link is okay.

is it possible to resolve this issue? what’s wrong in my solution?

someone can help on this?

The problem is with old version of the split extension. It has the bug in case of using it with the multiline mode for the Chrome browser.

Please, try to update your dhtmlxGrid to the actual version.

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