setValue on treegrid position 0


i have a treegrid where column 0 is the tree, and the rest are columns. when i try to set the value of the columns it works fine but when i try to set the value of the tree i get an error. this is the code i get an error on:

mygrid.cells(selectedRowId, 0).setValue(treeValue);

the error i get is this.grid._tgc has no properties

however it works on all the other cells in that row

thanks for the help

The tree cell is more complex than default one , it consists of few parts, so instead of default setValue you can use

mygrid.cells(selectedRowId, 0).setLabel(treeValue); 
//set text part
mygrid.cells(selectedRowId, 0).setImage(treeValue);
//set new image url

Perfect Thanks