setVerificator - how to use column Ids instead of column idx


Need your help

I need to validate data entered into grid.

I’m trying to use setVerificator method for this.

But according to manual it can take only column Index.
The difficulty is that I have draggable columns in my grid.
And setVerificator ignors this and still checks columns in the order 0,1,2,3
though cols can be already in the order 3,0,1,2

Please help

Ideally it would be great to use column Ids set up by setColumnIds() method.

Thanks in advance.


There is no simple way to change behavior, you can try the next trick

dp.checkBeforeUpdate = function(id){ //define custom validation var index = obj.getColIndexById("someID"); var value = this.obj.cells(id,this.index); if (!some_check(value)){ this.set_invalid(id, "invalid"); this.setUpdated(rowId,false); return false; } return true; }

In above code
dp - instance of dataprocessor
some_check - your validation method