SetWorkTime for one task

Hello (again),

I search how to set Work_Time for one event. For example, for this task, I want to work on all the week. For another task, only monday to friday.

Any idea?
(Sorry for english :/)

unfortunately, the current version does not support work-time settings for individual tasks, and very likely this functionality won’t be inlcuded into the upcoming update, only to the one after it.
There is a set of methods, that works with the worktime setting, however all of them use only dates and are not provided with the task they are assigned to:
gantt.calculateEndDate … t.js#L5108

So I’m afraid there is no easy workaround of this except from heavy modifying of the component sources.

Thanks for the reply.

I think I will create a function for this but thank you for the confirmation :wink: