Several values to ComboBox on adding a new row


I’m trying since 1 hour but i really don’t know how i can put several values to a combobox while adding a new row to my grid. I.e. i would like to have 3 values (“1,2,3”) in my ComboBox.

Can please someone help me with this?

Column Definition


New Row

Grid[1].addRow(NRowID,["Test 1","Test 2","???","1"],0);

Thank you and best regards

[code]combo = grid.getCombo(2); // collection for the whole column
// or
combo = grid.getCustomCombo(“Test 1”,2) // collection for the cell

combo.put(‘1’,‘1’) //adds a new record in the collection;
combo.put(‘3’,‘3’) [/code]

Here you can find a tutorial: … n_from_xml

Oh … so simple :smiley:

Thank you … works fine

How can i focus the first line after loading all values?

Thank you

Sorry … forgot to name the Combo-compilation.

Works …