Sharing scale selection between views


I want to offer Calendar, Timeline and Agenda views each with 3 different scales, day, week and month (so 9 total views).

I was hoping to be able to use the dhx_cal_tab selectors to choose the scale and then another set of dhx_cal_tab selectors to choose the appropriate view.

So for example you could select a week timeline view, or an agenda monthly view, or a daily calendar view etc.

I have searched the forum and looked through the documentation however I can’t see if there is a way to achieve this?


Default tabs can’t be used in such way.
You can use some custom UI to control the view selection and just call scheduler.setCurrentView to show necessary mode in the scheduler.

here is a simple realization (1.36 KB)

Thank-you so much for the sample!

It has helped me implement the feature I needed. Perfect :slight_smile: