sheduler is not loading data from server(mysql)

Hi Everyone,

Am in problem in loading data from server and savimh it back. It is not displaying the data only.
Please anyone help me. It will be great help iof you help me.

Here is my program

here is my HTML page

<!doctype html>

Mini calendar in the scheduler header
<script src="codebase/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_minical.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>
html, body{ margin:0px; padding:0px; height:100%; overflow:hidden; }

Here is my connector page

<?php require_once("codebase/connector/scheduler_connector.php"); $res=mysql_connect("localhost","root","vicidialnow"); mysql_select_db("schedulerDB"); $conn = new SchedulerConnector($res); $conn->render_table("events","event_id","start_date,end_date,event_name,details"); ?>

Here is my folder structure

scheduler folder

Inside scheduler folder

  1. codebase folder(inside this connector and then schecduler_connector.php)
  2. data foldet

PLease anyone help me

are there error messages in browser console? What is returned from the connector page? You can open the php in browser and check if there is a valid xml response

It shows empty page. NO output. I don want to display the data through xml. but I want to fetch from database please help me

Here is my code. Please anyone help me I have attached complete code . And this is my folder structure.
scheduler.rar (672 KB)

Anyone help me pls. If you help it will be a great help.

Try to load data/connector.php directly in the browser - does it shows valid xml or not ?

If xml is valid, is format of dates the same as defined in config.xml_date
If there is no valid xml output - try to add connector.php the next line ( before render_table )


On next run, it will produce the log.txt file with detailed log, that may contain details about the error.

It got connected. now I have my own database and table. Inside the table I have appointment dates. Now I want to pull it out inside the scheduler. How can I do that

Please anyone help me for saving the data back’

It is not saving the data back. Please help me as it is very crucial to me

Please provide the content of log file for the problematic operation.

Please find the complete file here.
I cant edit the information and in that table i want to put the query condition and then want to display.
Can anyone help me pls.
scheduler.rar (600 KB)

can anyone reply to display few data in the calendar than displaying everything from the table.

You can use code like next

$conn = new SchedulerConnector($res); if ($conn->is_select_mode())//code for loading data $conn->render_sql("select * from ge_appointments where user_id = 123","id","appt_date,appt_date,firstname,inhomes"); else //code for other operations - i.e. update/insert/delete $conn->render_table("ge_appointments","id","appt_date,appt_date,firstname,inhomes");

Above code uses render_sql for data loading and render_table for data saving. It allows to provide flexible filtering rules for data loading.


Thank you for the reply, But it is not working. Can you pls help me . When I have included this code, The data went off. It is not displaying anything.
Please help me. I will be a great help.

Please find the below image which shows the error.

Now it is displaying the content but it is not saving the data back.I cannot modify the data. Can you please help me.

Here is the code below for the same.

$conn = new SchedulerConnector($res);
if ($conn->is_select_mode())
$conn->render_sql(“select * from ge_appointments where appt_setter_dispo=‘Appointment’”,“id”,“appt_date,appt_date,firstname,inhomes”,‘appt_setter’);
$conn->render_table(“select * from ge_appointments where appt_setter_dispo=‘Appointment’”,“id”,“appt_date,appt_date,firstname,inhomes”,‘appt_setter’);

change it like

else $conn->render_table("ge_appointments","id","appt_date,appt_date,firstname,inhomes");
The first part of code will be used for select and must contain sql WEHERE clause. Second part is for data saving and must contain only the table name.