Shift+Mouse Scroll Concurrent Event problem


We faced the following problem while pressing the Shift Key and Mouse Scroll concurrently.

Our Application Behaviorism: In our web application, we have integrated Xgrid object for displaying the search results. In that we have implemented Lazy loading concepts in displaying the search results to the user. Based on the user scroll in the grid, we are fetching the records from DB and display the resultant records in the UI (ie, In Lazy Loading implementation - if there are 1000 records to display for a given search criteria, instead of displaying 1000 records at a single instance, we will get first 100 records from DB and display only the 100 records. If user scroll beyond 100 records, then again we hit the DB to get next 100 records and display next 100 records in UI). Here if the time taken to get the records from DB delays, in the meantime we are displaying one blank screen in the UI. Also we have hotkey implementation (combination of keys will do one operation ie, Shift+F5 will open one new tab in our application) in our application.

Problem faced: While pressing the shift key, if we tried mouse scroll down/up (ie mouse wheeling), the wrong o/p will be displayed. Actually we are getting one blank screen during Shift+Mouse Wheel event. But according to our requirement, the blank screen should be displayed only during the delay time(according to Lazy loading concepts).

Our local try: We tried the following attempts to resolve the above issue. But unfortunately we are not able to fix the given issue.

Attempt -1 : During the scroll event, we check whether the Shift key was pressed. If yes, then we terminate the given operation. But unfortunately the scroll event was not called during Shift+Mouse Scroll combination event.
Attempt - 2 : During Shift key+Mouse Scroll event, Key_Press event will be triggered first. Hence we try to terminate the operation during Shift key press. But still we are getting the blank screen.

We don’t how to capture Shift+Mouse Scroll combination event. Please guide to fix the given issue.

Thanks in Advance.

Uppili Srinivasan