Shortcut or hot keys not working with DhtmlXCombo v.2.6

I have implemented the shortcut / hot keys for the tabs of my web application.
The shortcut keys are handled through javascript present at open js site … shortcuts/

The jsp page contains some text box and combo box i.e.Dhtmlx combo. With DhtmlXCombo v.2.5, When the user selects any option from the list of dhtmlx combo and then press the shortcut key like Ctrl+I, Ctrl+L the navigation to the desired tab works properly.
But with v.2.6, instead of navigation the last selected combo box opens and displays the list of options to be selected.

Any help on this ?


the problem is not clear. We need more details - what should be do to recreate the problem ? what is the desired behavior ? It would be better if you attached the ready demo (with combo only: 2.5 and 2.6)

The problem is resolved, there was a mismatch in the version of css and js.

Attached is the zip file which contains the code to reproduce the problem.
In this demo example, there are two tabs TAB ONE and TAB TWO. Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 are the shortcut keys to open the repective tab.
When the first page / first tab is loaded then pressing the CTRL+2 key opens the combo box present at the same page.
But the desired behaviour is that it should take the user to the next tab i.e second tab.

Hope you have understood the problem. Thanks for your support. (26.5 KB)


it is jsp sample. If the problem isn’t resolved, please provide the demo without server-side scripts