Shortcut triggers inline editing - how to avoid?

I have a enabled both keyboard navigation and inline editing for the task name:

gantt.config.keyboard_navigation_cells = true;

var textEditor = {type: "text", map_to: "text"};

gantt.config.columns = [
    {name:"text", label:"Text", tree:true, width:170, editor: textEditor },
    {name:"duration", label:"Duration", align:"center", width: 60}

And I’ve added a shortcut:

gantt.addShortcut("ctrl+e", function(e){
    // Code here

The shortcut works just fine if I have the Duration cell selected. But if I have the Text cell selected - which has an editor attached - it enters edit mode before my shortcut code is run. This is somewhat unexpected behaviour.

Is there a way to make sure that shortcuts don’t trigger inline editing?

(The modifier keys are shift, alt, ctrl and meta. I would expect that only Shift would be allowed to start inline editing. All other seems unreasonable to do so, regardless of whether they have a shortcut or not.)

Hello Frederik,
I sent you a build with the fix in the support system.

For everyone else.
If you don’t want to open the inline editor at all when holding <Shift>, <Control>, <Alt> and <Meta> keys, you need to redefine the mapping:
Here is an example of how it might work: