Should I use scheduler.load() or scheduler.parse()


I am trying to connect to a Java server (using RESTful WS) to retrieve calendar data in iCal format, and load this into the scheduler.
How can I go about doing this? I can use load from a static .ics file, but I cannot seem to load from WS. We are using ical4j package on the backend. We are not using the Connector or DataProcessor.

Would I use the .load() or .parse() method? How should the data be returned?


You can use load with any url which return data by GET request.


You can use any REST compatible ajax lib to make necessary call to the service and call scheduler.parse with retrieved data


you can use proxy script on server side, which will connect to remote WS, get data and output it. After that you can use scheduler.load(proxy_script_url);

In what format should the data be returned? JSON, iCal. I’m hoping not to have to convert to XML.


You can use json, ical, xml. Whatever suits you better.
Simply don’t forget to specify type, e.g.

scheduler.load(url, "json"); scheduler.parse(string, "ical");
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