Should not handle anything if multi-select is not enabled


I’ve found you added some code to fix below issues in 6.1.7
* Fix bug in the [Multiselect extension]( which caused selected tasks to lose highlight after chart repaint

But it causes another issue !! I can not get task item selected, cause isSelected method is replaced with multi-selected ext.


It is SO FRUSTRATED when you deliver code that is not full tested and have low quality, it causes us too much issues, this is how you deliver you product?

You should really check multi-selected is turned on or off !!!


Hello Kevin,
Even without the multiselect extension, you can still check if the task is selected by using the isSelectedTask method:

Please, give me more details about the use case and reproduce the issue in the snippet, then click on the “Share” button and send me the link:


reproduce steps:

  1. include the multi-select ext
  2. turn off the multi-select by set the: gantt.config.multiselect = false
  3. click on task row to select task
  4. boom! you can not select your task by click on the task row


demo, here you go:


No response? WHY…?


Hello Kevin,

Thank you for the clarification and for sending the snippet.
I added the bug in the tracker, the dev team will fix it in future versions, sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any ETA.

As a workaround, you can disable multiple task selection by using the onBeforeTaskSelected event handler:
You can unselect a task after clicking on another task so that you will have only one task selected. Here is the snippet:

No response? WHY…?

The questions on the forum have a lower priority than the questions submitted in the support system. You can do that according to the instructions from the email with the license.


Hello Kevin,
The dev team fixed the bug when there is no way to select a task when the multiselect option is disabled.
Please note, that now you need to remove all DHTMLX Gantt Javascript file extensions and turn them on via the plugins method:
You can see that the bug is not reproduced in the following sample: