show 3 or more hours scale (dhtmlxScheduler or component joo

Hello my friends, I have scheduler for joomla,

do as I put 3 hour scale with different timezone each view of week?



time - time - time

time - time - time


you can define custom hour scale template:

scheduler.templates.hour_scale = function(date){
/your code here/
return …;

In order to increase scale width you try the following:

scheduler.xy.scale_width =150;

some example?

Check the attached sample (48.7 KB)

its great, how to I edit to the titles in top the scale of hours? (countries) oh sorry for my english

thx very much

You can add a bit more logic to the template and if current hours value is 00 ( first cell ) , output both hours values and html which will look as sub-scales.