Show a popup "onInfo"

Is there a simple way to show a dhx popup in a form when the info [?] was klicked/hovered? I know that there is the “onInfo” event but how do I get the position of the questionmark to display the popup exactely there?

Also woult I be happy about a solution to display the popup just be hovering the [?] and hide it after leaving the [?] area.



please send used dhtmlx.js to support at dhtmlx dot com, I will add 2nd param to onInfo (you also can add it yourself).

find callEvent(“onInfo”,…) (2 ocurrences) and replace with lines below (you need 2nd ‘e’ param)

this.parentNode.parentNode.callEvent(“onInfo”,[this.parentNode.parentNode._idd, e]);
this.parentNode.callEvent(“onInfo”,[this.parentNode._idd, e]);

I will add this functionality to future version