Show busy grid

As suggested by you the XLS and XLE evets work when using grid.liadXML function but i am using method  now how do i show the grid busy.“RegUnRegGetReportDetailInfo”,“csvstring=”+csvstring+"&count="+count+"&proptypeValue="+proptypeValue+"&dbenvi="+dbenvi,funcrowcount,“xml”);

  document.getElementById(“finalplotdiv1”).style.cursor = “wait”;“wait”;


  document.getElementById(“finalplotdiv1”).style.cursor = “default”;“default”;


this doesnot work… and the cursor do not change to busy cursor…





also places where i am using loadXML when i add these function sometimes busy cursor comes and sometimes it does not and i am using smart rendering here…


mygrid1.loadXML(“ConstructionStatusPopulate?xls_filename=”+xls_filename+"&yygghh="+ran_number+"&dateid="+(new Date()).valueOf(),validateAreacodePlotnumbers);


but i am using method
event will fire for “post” operation as well ( basically they will fire for any operation which request data from remote uri )

In case of your code you need to
a) change location of code, events must be defined before runing load|post command
b) the cursor changing will not affect grid container, you need to have addiitonal line to change the cursor setting for grid’s area. … es&s=onxls