Show calendar event description as html

I need to use Scheduler in order to schedule interviews, which can be made by phone or videoconference.

Unfortunately for my goal, when you double-click an event, the description appears inside a text box, and what I’m trying to accomplish is to show the description as simple html, so the user can see the phone numer and the link for the videoconference.

Something like this:

Interview John Doe
Telephone: 54545454
Videoconference link:

This way they can call the interviewer and/or click on the link to start a videoconference.

I know I can include this link in the event’s description and it would take me there, however, I need to be able to open the event description before, so the user can see the phone number as well.

I actually want to include the link like this:

<a href='' target='_blank'>VideoConference</a>

(so the videoconference opens in a new window)

Any help will be really appreciated

Hi sergio,
in order to remove the description from the event and place it in separate HTML, use the onDblClick event.
To remove the display of the description from the event, set up a function that will be called whenever the specified event fires and return the value false .
Also, when the event fires, the function will create a div block with the information you need inside and position it near the event. Using the events onEmptyClick and onViewChange or the repeated event onDblClick , this block will be removed from the page.
Here is a snippet: