show date in dhtmlxgrid


in my dhtmlxgrid contain if we are not define the date then it will show me the date “0000-00-00” and if i double click the cell then it will shoe me datetimepicker and date must be november-1 . i want when i click on the cell then it will show me current month calneder like december :2009 not november-1

can u please tell me wht i do for this

i m using dhxCalendarA in mygrid.setCOlTypes

please reply me wht i do

please solved my this problem



It can be done “onCalendarShow” event. This event is called when you open “dhxCalendar” or “dhxCalendarA” cell and pass following parameters:
obj - reference to the dhtmxlCalendar object
rowId- if of a row
cellIndex - index of a cell

If you need to show current date in dhxCalendar editor, value of the cell must be empty: