Show dates in X axis + grey out weekend days

Couple of questions:

  1. The X axis in your Gantt control just shows number 1,2,3, etc which doesn’t seem to make that much sense ; )
    Is it possible to show dates on the X axis?

  2. Most people would want to grey out Saturday and Sunday so it’s easy to see weekend days and not schedule anything then.
    Is this possible (directly on the screen, not the existing hover functionality)?

  3. Is it possible to configure the control so weekend days are disregarded. E.g. In Edit mode, you may have a task which takes two days and starts on a Thursday so would take Thursday and Friday. If this was then moved so the start date was Friday, you would want this task to take the Friday and the following Monday.
    Is this possible?

We are currently working on #1 and #2, they will be in our May release. #3 is not yet in work, because it involves more complicated logic, we might introduce work calendars to cover all possible cases for that. As I said, it is not yet in work, just in plans.


I have downloaded the latest Gannt V1.2 and cannot find any obvious way of changing the x axis labels.

Please could you provide an example of this or is this functionality not in this version.

It is from version 1.3, so please come back in 2 days, we will put it for download then.