Show event in the scheduler within the dababase data

Here is my booking page.

After Page loading, I want to show event like below.

This event is made with static data. I just want to show with dynamic data in the database.
Note: I use cakephp2 framework.

This is Static event with static data(I don’t want this static event)
          { id: 4, start_date: “2019-11-7 16:00”, end_date: “2019-11-7 17:00”, text: “English lesson” }

So I declared variable to get data from database in JavaScript like this
var booking_date_ajax = $data[‘booking_date’];
var booking_time_from_ajax= $data[‘booking_time_from’];
var booking_time_to_ajax= $data[‘booking_time_to’];

And use these code to show event but still not working
          { id: 1, start_date: ‘booking_date_ajax booking_time_from_ajax’, end_date: ‘booking_date_ajax           booking_time_to_ajax’, text: “English lesson” },
          { id: 1, start_date: booking_date_ajax booking_time_from_ajax, end_date: booking_date_ajax
          booking_time_to_ajax’, text: “English lesson” },

Please suggest me or explain how to show event with the dynamic data. Thank you

Hi @Linnz,

Here you can find guides how to initialize Scheduler on different server-side platforms, please check: