Show Gantt by days not by dates


There is a way to show gantt chart by days and not by dates? Example: Task 1: Day 1 to Day 5.

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Hi @ralsalamanca,
Unfortunately, I don’t fully understand what do you want to display based on days?
If you want to change the format of days in the gantt.config.scales, you can do it, using the format function:

{unit: "day", step: 1, format: formatter}
function formatter(date){
  if(date.getDay() ==0)
    return 7
return date.getDay()

, which will return the number of a day, like in this demo:
But if you want to use Day 1 to Day 5. as a task start/end date format, I could suppose that it will not work, because the gantt needs a “years-months-days” format date, to display a task.
If it’s not the thing you need, could you please clarify which information you want to display based on Day 1 to Day 5 format, and how it should work in your expectations?

API scales:

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I want just day numbers, I dont want weeks, month or years, just days. For example: The entire project will last 180 days (without SPECIFIC start or end date), so the task 1 will start in day 1 and end in day 10, the task 2 will start in day 5 and end in day 15.

Hi @ralsalamanca,
Thank you for the clarification, unfortunately, there is no way to fully avoid using dates.

The closest functionality which could suit you is to use the Auto Scheduling. It lets you use the same full date to the end/start of the project and tasks.
So, after connecting these tasks through links, they will be available to autoscheduling and placed in a sequence, based on their durations and connections.
Note, that auto schedule functionality available only in the pro version.
Here is a demo(click the atoschedule button):
As you can see in the DATA tab, there is the same date for all tasks (“end_date” : “11-10-2018”)

API Auto Scheduling: