Show/Hide Row in DhtmlxGrid 6.4.2



I want to show/hide some rows in the grid. For that right now I am using rowCss property and based on some condition I apply the css to hide the row.

We need selection functionality as well in the grid. In the below example, I have applied rowCss for 3rd row to make it hidden. Now you can see in the demo 3rd row is hidden but when i click on any cell of 3rd row it is showing selection on the 4th row in the grid due to the hidden row existence.

This is may be handled if we use any in built functionality for hide/show row in dhtmlxgrid.

I am using dhtmlx suite version 6.4.2. Is there any work around or solution in latest versions? Please let me know.


I think you need to use the filter() method of DataCollection API for filtering

Example (show/hide row with id:3):


Unfortunately currently there is no hide/show row mechanics in the dhtmlxGrid.
As proldapru have mentioned the only solution is to use the datacollection filteration to hide the records of your grid.


Ok @sematik , Actually I have multiple different conditions for hiding and showing rows at so many places, so I will try to use filtering the data feature for now.

@proldapru, Thanks for giving the possible solution.


Hello Arpita in the dtmlxSuite 7.0 we have finally added the hide/shiow rown mechanics.
So now you are able to use the showRow()/hideRow() methods to control the rows visibility in your data.