show/hide section

help with unique section for lightbox, when created event Form section, not store value for current lightbox its one for all lightbox.

What option i need to read or store for section Form that remember show or hide value, and for the init dhtmlxform i use xml to init and load values to form




and how if lightbox not fit in browser window and scrolls not active how to view all lightbox ???


Please attach your code.
On you last screen I see that section was appended several times. I believe you are adding it in the set_value function. In such case be sure to check if it was added before or simply destroy contents and create them again.

If you know russian and it would be easier for you to describe your problem using it — please do so.

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thx. :wink:

already have solution with

and then realized that it can be good for my all day working process ;(

but great exp with using lightbox, all may done with true idea :smiley:

and thanks again