Show last row


I am new with this DHX grid…I am trying to evaluate if it can replace the one I am using currently.

I did some test. Now I have a grid in which I am able to add new row at the end with data by default as I wanted. Unfortunately if the number of row I add is big the last row is not display and the user have to use the grid lift to see it and being able to continue to fill it in which is not very useful.

I tried to use mygrid.getRowsNum() or mygrid.getRowId() to determine the right row to be use as a parametter in mygrid.showRow() but without success

so how to focus, show, display… on the last added row? maybe it is simply just an option
Thanks in advance fro your help

I found it by myself :slight_smile: …just need to think a bit more next time :stuck_out_tongue: