Show line when dragging on Tree

How do you get a line to show when you drag an item of a tree (like you have in your samples?).



This is part of default tree functionality, it is enabled automatically if you are using “sibling” or “complex” drag behavior. ( tree.setDragBehavior )

It doesnt seem to be showing, is that a CSS problem?

The line itself defined as CSS element, but it not so simple to break it. ( dhtmlxtree.css .selectionBar css style )

Problem can be caused by scrolls on the tree’s container element. Please be sure that you have not
assigned to container of tree. ( Tree will generate necessary scrolls automatically )

If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where issue can be reconstructed.

My problem was that I didnt have your CSS sheet included. When I do, I can no longer have my tree’s container using width:auto and height:auto, any ideas why? I cant seem to find how it sets the CSS on the tree container.



I have found my answer, I removed the overflow on this line: and added width and height.

.containerTableStyle {position:relative; top:0; font-size : 11px; width:auto: height:auto}

All works great!