Show multiple line for an event in the grid


I would like to know how to show multiple line for an event in the grid ?

For example, in this demo : … ditor.html
the “Description Text” will be te title of this event, then we can add some text in “Details”.
How to show the “detail” line when the event is created and positioned in the grid ?

| 8:00 - 10:00 |
| Title |
| Details: fooBar… |


you can define a content template for each column and increase height of the row, e.g.scheduler.createGridView({ name:"grid", fields:[ {id:"id", label:'Id', width:100, sort:'int' }, {id:"text", label:'Text', width:'*', valign:'middle', align:"left", template: function(start, end, event){ return scheduler.templates.event_header(start, end, event) + "<br>" + event.text + "<br>" + "Details" }}, {id:"start_date", label:'From', align:'left', width:150}, {id:"end_date", label:'To', align:'left', width:150}], rowHeight:42 });

please check the example:


Thanks for your reply. but i said a mistake, i didn’t want it in the grid, but in the “week” view.

Basically, i’m trying to obtain an editor with multiple fields and to show these multiple fileds in the week view : … 241426.png

thanks you


it’s done the very same way, but using event_text template, instead of grid columns … plate.html … lates.html

Thanks you so much !