Show only the task time in project task row

Hi there,
I’m searching for a resolution to my specific problem. I have multiple tasks which are sub tasks of a project task. The project task shows the duration of the earliest task start date to the latest task end date. But i want the project task row to show all the separeted task durations in its row (see attachment). Is there any possiblity to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance!

there are several ways to customize the project display in that way
For example you can redefine a render function for a projects … onfig.html

There you can get child elements of a project and generate dom elements for their time … renofatask … ition.html

you may also check this topic

Hey Aliaksandr! Thanks for your quick answer!

I’m trying to implement my own project task renderer by

gantt.config.type_renderers[gantt.config.types.project] = function(task){
  //some other code

But this function is never called!? But why? Is it only available in pro version?
Do i need to make some other settings to activate the renderfunction?

Thanks in advance!

the ‘project’ type is available only in PRO version. In GPL version you can implement a similar behavior using task_text template … plate.html
In a template you can get the childs of a current task and create an htmt with child times. Similarly how it’s done for a ‘split task’ in this example … _task.html

Hey Aliaksandr!

Thank you so much for helping me out! It’s working great the way you described it! There is one last problem: The parent task renders it’s long task line before i render my task “pieces” and i can’t convince the project task line to hide. Right now i am doing a bit of workaround: i am using css to hide the bar. Is there any better solution to this problem?

Thank you so much!