Show option name in week view

Hi again,

is it possible to show an option name (from “Custom fields” -> New field type of “Select list”) in the week view?
I tried this this under the “scheduler.templates.event_header=function(start,end,event){}”, where I would like to display it. But I had no success.

Thanks in advance for your hints!



yep for normal property it will be like

return event.some_property

for select-list type , it will be

return scheduler.getLabel("some_property", event.some_property );

thanks for your quick answer!

but for some reason this won’t work in my scheduler. nothing is displayed.
this is my code:

and these are my fields:

do upper case letters matter?
or is it a problem, that the name differs from the description?

Try to use

scheduler.getLabel("mr", );

The names of fields are always in the lower case.


that works! thank you!