Show some events to members only

I use the scheduler plugin in a wordpress site. Sometimes I display information that is available to everyone, but sometimes I want to display some information to members only.

Is there a way to show some events in the scheduler to website members only?


Yes, you can filter displayed events on client or server side.
Filtering them on server side is a bullet proof solution, you simply do not include information you don’t want to be displayed. If you are using our connectors I can show some sample code.

If there is no sensitive information or you are sure that users won’t browse javascript object you can simply filter events from rendering

scheduler.filter_day = scheduler.filter_week = scheduler.filter_month = function(ev_id, ev){ if(ev.important && !isMember()) // if there is some flag that event is important and isMember function returned false... return false; // event won't be rendered return true; // defult, event will be rendered }
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