Show summary Task look different (irrespective of the task type)

Hii, I need to show summary task differently irrespective of the task type(I’m considering summary task as any task which has child)

Hello Genni,
You can use the task_class template that allows returning any custom class name for the tasks. Then you can use it as a selector in CSS:

To check if a task has subtasks, you can use the hasChild method:

Here is an example:

Hi @ramil I might not be clear earlier with the exact requirement, I want to show summary task something like this

So, how can be this be achieved keeping in mind that for me summary task is representing any task which has child to it.

Hello Genni,
You can use the rightside_text and leftside_text templates to add triangles to the summary tasks:

Here is a simple example of the implementation for the project tasks:

It will work regardless of the task type if you configure it that way: