show text but save id to database with combox

How do I show a textvalue with a combox in a form but save its corresponding ID to the database? Is there any example about this?

Combo value (not text) is submitted by default. Here is the sample:

dhtmlxCombo/samples/02_actions/03_combo_save.html ( … _save.html)

Thx Alexandra

And how do I bind data to a select list and/or combo?

I’ve got a form defined as a xml file and a xml list defined by a php file which gets the list values from a database table. How do I bind the dynamic data to the list and therefore to the select field in the form?

I haven’t found that in the documentation…

So, the question is about dhtmlxform … What version are you using ?

The latest supports combo.

The newest pro version.

“bind” attribute is not supported in 3.0

Please see the sample: