Show Today's Events in Sidebar

is it possible to show TODAY’s events in the sidebar?
similar to how I can show ONCOMING events by adding this line to the sidebar (theme) file:

<?php if (function_exists('scheduler_sidebar')) echo scheduler_sidebar(); ?>


Unfortunately it is not possible. ( at least there is no ready to use method for such result )

I submitted this same question so I am working on code to handle this new sidebar feature since my customer has requested it. I am just waiting for my PHP debugger software to get here so I can get started and then I will share the experience. It really isn’t all that hard but since the .php files are not documented it will test your patience understanding the flow of the code.

Most part of code in the php files are related to configuration , which is not necessary for data export - you can take ical.php as base. This script takes related data from DB and outputs it as iCal data stream. With small efforts it can be changed to output data as RSS.

Below are the results of adding “Today’s Events” as a sidebar widget for dhtmlxScheduler. However, I have not tested recurring events yet and it look like it’s a bit tricky. One thing I am noticing is that when I schedule a repeat event using alternate weeks (like every 2 weeks), the dates in the calendar display are correct but the Upcoming (Oncoming) Events are off by 1 week after the initial start date. For example, the repeat event shown starts on 8/27/10 and that sidebar date is correct for this start date but everything following is not correct. The Oncoming Events code did not change so I need to take a look at why it’s showing a week difference on the sidebar widget. Also, I am confused why the database and repeat event shows 8/22/10 as the start date when actually I selected 8/27/10 as the start date.

There is a next class inside the plugin

$helper = new SchedulerHelper($connection, $table_name); $events = $helper->get_dates($start_date, $end_date);

It can be used to get a list of events for defined dates, and it is clever enough to return data about recurring events.

Got it. With a few start/end date tweaks, it now works fine for single occurrence events and recurring events for my new widget “Today’s Events”.

any chance in sharing it with us

I would also be interested in finding out how this is done . Be great if you could share your findings :smiley:

found it in here


look for the d/l

it seems to work

showing 2 of my calendar thats fine with me…

Here is the code to add in Daily Event sidebar.

There is a lot of talk and discussion about creating or adding custom sidebars. Most of the discussions have pieces of the puzzle without providing any way to put it all together. Here is a file to help do that.

This will add a new sidebar widget called ‘Today Events’. This will list the event items for the current day as a sidebar widget. It is a copy of the Upcoming events code with some simple changes to bring up the events for the day instead of in the future.

Look at the comments in the file for changes to the scheduler.php file that makes this all work. Hope this helps and provides a better concise solutions than 30+ discussion threads.

Now for some quick comments.

  1. There needs to be more abstraction in this module code. It would be nice to have arrays passed so that additional widgets and functions can be created and more dynamically processed. An example may be the scheduler_check function in the scheduler.php file.
  2. Add a conditionalized ‘required_once’ for a php file (ex. scheduler_add.php) so that if the file exists it get’s referenced by scheduler.php. This would provide a safe haven file for any additional code that is added to the system that is not part of the core plugin.

Just for consideration,


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