_show_tooltip and _tooltip_pos' does not exist on type 'GanttStatic'

This is the code

      gantt.attachEvent('onMouseMove', (event_id, ev) => {
        let linkageDetails;
        let linkId;

        // @ TODO, un commented the due to resolve the build issue
        //linkId = gantt.locate(ev, 'link_id');
        linkId = gantt.locate(ev);
        console.log('LINK ID', gantt.getLink('link_id'));

        if (linkId) {
          linkageDetails = ganttChartService.constructLinkageDetailsMarkUp(linkId);
          gantt._show_tooltip(linkageDetails, gantt._tooltip_pos(ev));

any update one above question(I am using gantt chart "dhtmlx-gantt": “^4.1.19”)

Hello Vittal,
The gantt._show_tooltip and gantt._tooltip_pos are non-public API functions. It is not recommended to use them. Those functions were removed in the 6.1 version because the new tooltip functionality was added in that version.

However, the issue might be related to types in Angular. You can try adding the following string to allow all types for Gantt:

declare let gantt: any;
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