Showing a day of week (Monday, Tuesday, etc) in second scale in timeline


Hi there. I have a timeline view with these settings:

    				name: "timeline",
    				x_unit: "hour",
    				x_date: "%H:%i",
    				x_step: 8,
    				x_size: 21,
    				y_unit: sections,
    				y_property: "client",
    				render: "bar",
    					x_unit: "day", 
    					x_date: "%F %d" 
    			}); =;

So in my second scale (x-axis) i can see something like “December, 15”. But i want to make it showing “December, 15 (Wednesday)” or “December, 15 (Wed)” or something like this. What parameter or setting i have to add?


Hi @AlexMav,

You can change the format of the second scale with the _second_scale_date template:{timelinename}_second_scale_date_template.html

In your case the code may look like follows:

var dateToStr ="%F, %d (%D)");

scheduler.templates.timeline_second_scale_date = function(date){
    return dateToStr (date);;

Here is a demo:

You can find a full list of timeline templates at the following link:

Kind regards,


Wow, thanks, that’s it!


One more little question - is there a way to add “BR” or “\n” in x_date format? For example, i have:

    					x_unit: "day", 
    					x_date: "%F %d (%D)"

And it is working, but i want to have something like :

x_date: "%F %d \n (%D)"

to show day of week (Monday, Tuesday, etc) on a new line. I tried \n, it does not work, BR tag - also no luck. What can i do here?


Oh, <br> is working. I have to change some css (height of header) and it shows me everything. Ok