Showing available time slots

I am working on an application that uses the dhtmlxscheduler to display reservations for resources that have been booked. Recently I received a request to set up a way to only display all available slots(prevent any other booked reservations from being displayed). I’ve been thinking about ways to do this with the dhtmlxscheduler and thought I would post here for any suggestions or ideas.

Right now I’ve come up with an idea, which is to represent each available slot as an event, and display the list of slots via whatever view of convenient, either the daily calendar view or weekly agenda view.

I’m not sure if there’s an easier way.

Appreciate your ideas!


Currently this is the only way

  • create event for each time-slot
  • block new event creation in the scheduler

in such case user will be able only select ( trigger onClick event ) for some slot, and will not be able to change|edit|delete them.