Showing event with the same id on the same section multiple times

Hello guys!

There is a case when I have to show the same event with the same ID multiple times for one section. Is it possible?

For instance, a person works today from 8 to 13 and from 14 to 17, but on other day he works from 8 to 16. And basically each day can be different.

I found multisection and recurrent properties in api that this is not exactly what I need.

Hello @stasryzhakov ,

Currently, the id is the unique field of the event, so looks like there is no easy way to implement the thing you want. The only possible solution for this case is to create two events with different IDs but the same “owner”.

btw, in case if you are using the timeline view - it’s possible to hide some hours from the scale. So you can implement the solution, to remove non-working hours from different dates based on some logic: