showLightbox & onEventChanged (3.0)


I had the scheduler working just fine with the 2.5 version and mysql, i use showLightbox to have better control. Now I’m moving all to Codeigniter and changed mysql for MongoDB.

The problem is that, when i create a new event, i use showLightbox to populate and save, this is working fine. After creating the event, onEventChanged does not trigger anymore, i need to refresh the navigator to be able to fix this.

Any clues? Thanks

The new implementation is in 3.0

I would like to add, if i comment showLightbox , then onEventAdded is fired when i add a new event with the default form, with showLightbox , this does not happen.

In case of lightbox onEventAdded will fire only after pressing Save button in the lightbox, basically the event is not fully created while Save button is not pressed ( same situation for onEventChanged by the way )


Thanks for your response. I’m overriding the showLightbox width my own custom form, opening a dhtmx window, so the save button is made by me, it saves the form and then it closes the window. When updating events there is not problem, as soon i create a new event , weather i save it or not, the onEventChanged is dead , i still can do changes to the events with my custom details form, but dragging changes does not take effect anymore, until F5. If you have some other comments it will be apreciated.

When closing your custom lightbox, do you have a next call




I ’ m using just :

// my custom window (ajax)

I’ m not using the helpers functions startLightbox nor endlightbox either. I tried endLightbox as you told me but with no success.


I tried using the helpers, and it works just fine, using:
scheduler.startLightbox(id, html(“my_form”) ) , as you have in the examples , though this work, it is not what i had in the previous version.

I used to open the details form in a dhtmlx window, in iframe mode, and i used to have more than one event windows open at the same time. This used to work, i’m sure this is a error of mine, i will keep looking, or i will use the helper version if a could not find whats going on. Thanks

You can use

scheduler.startLightbox(event_id) ... scheduler.endLightbox(event_id);

event_id parameter is mandatory, while second parameter can be skipped ( so you can use any kind of custom form, including one based on dhtmlxWindow )

The dhtmlx windows get frozen if i add startLightbox, the code is:

var win_name=“lightbox”;
var win = dhxWins.createWindow(win_name, 1, 1, 562, 400);


Ignore the last post, it is a css issue, it seems that the dhtmlx window is cover by the layer the startLightbox is opening.

Dear Stanislav

It works correctly now.

The startlightbox creates a div that covers the dhtmlx windows and don’t let me click my buttons, i’m using to avpid this problem.

This can affect another dhtmlx components? Thanlks

This can affect another dhtmlx components?
This style modification will not cause any side effects, it is used by scheduler’s lightbox only.