showRow or selectRow on grid reload

I would like to retain the grid’s current scroll state after a reload. I am calling the reload through a jQuery “get” callback function. I am getting the current state with getStateOfView when the “get” is called. Excuse my Django template language in the url, but here is how I am calling the functions function reload_grid(id) { mygrid.clearAndLoad("/inventory/get_inventory_data/{{contract.contractiid}}/", function(){mygrid.selectRow(id);mygrid.groupBy(5);}); } function get_scroll_state() { var state = mygrid.getStateOfView(); var state_id = mygrid.getRowId(state[0]) var state_index = state[0] return state_id }
My current problem is that showRow or selectRow or selectRowByID seem to bring me to random points in my grid. It does move the scroll position, but definitely not to the desired position. I’ve also tried removing the groupBy call to troubleshoot which also does not help.
I am not using distributedParsing or smartRender or anything like that, just load through XML.

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I solved this by adding the current shown number of rows to the get_scroll_state returned value.

I’m not sure why this works.