Showview access elements in hidden views

Hi all,
this is my first post here, I’m working with dhtmlx since two months, and it’s great :slight_smile:.

A question:
I create several views in a layout cell using “showview()”. When user works in the visible view, the script need to set some values in the other hidden views, but they are inaccessible, I guess they are removed from DOM.

Is it possible access DOM elements and their properties that are hidden views ?

Thank you very much


please specify what kind of “some values in the other hidden views” which “are are inaccessible”?

for example, if in a view I have added some html elements, like a

or whatever, when that view is hidden, I cannot retrieve them with document.getElementById()

Is that the supposed behaviour or am I doing something wrong ?

correct :frowning:

make a ref before showView(), i.e. var myObj = doc.getElById(…); then change view. also do not forget to clear ref before unload to prevent memleak.

thanks a lot :smiley:
that solution suits for me !!