Shrinking Fieldset

Has anyone else experienced the shrinking fieldset?
I have a program where you simply double click a dataview item and it unloads the dataview then attaches a form to the same layout frame, and loads the json values for the form, and loads data into the form. However, EACH time it attaches the form to the layout frame, my fieldsets get smaller and smaller until the inputs are wider than the fieldset. (however it does not wrap like in most cases)

Any ideas? I can attach code if I need to.


please attach demo

Sorry I am so late responding, I had to put the project on hold for a little while.

The source code for the main body of the program is about 800 lines of code with several include files. Would it be better if I created a login for you to see it in action?

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sure, you can send details to
please include link to this thread