Sidebar and userdata


is there a way to use userdata in a sidebar?
At the moment we are using a layout in combination with a tree for navigation. The tree is loaded via XML. In the userdata of each tree-element, I include a URL in userdata form. In the onclick event of the tree I get that userdata URL and attach it to the other cell in the layout.

I would like to replace this layout and tree with a sidebar, but I don’t know if there is a way to include the url for each cell in the xml of the sidebar, or how to get that url from the clicked sidebar item.

kind regards,
Arno Vanbeginne

Hi … ttext.html

i.e. you can try:

var mySidebar = new dhtmlXSideBar({ ... items: [ {id: "recent", ... url: "some_url"} ] });


console.log( mySidebar.cells("recent").getText().url )