Sidebar Improvement


I would like to be implemented the following functionality for the sidebar component:

1. To have group of icons with a header text

2. Similar to dhtmlxMenu to be able to display deeper level of icons. (when the user clicks an icon a menu with sub icons to be displayed to the left|right side of the clied icon).

3. When the user hovers a sidebar icon a popup hint to be displayed.

For option 2, it would be nice if the user can choose how the sub icons to be displayed:

  • As described above (left or right side of the clicked icon)
  • As expandable sub menu that displays the new icons between the clicked icon and the one bellow it. (this behavious is similar to the one of the accordion widget)

Here is an image that shows what i mean.

  1. You may try to use the separators to split your items on groups.
  2. You may try to use the sub-sidebar in your sidebar to simulate such behavior. Unfortunately there is no subgroups in the sidebar and we’re not planning to include such feature in the near future.
  3. Unfortunately currently there are no tooltips in the sidebar. I’ll send your request to the dev team, so they’ll check the requirement of this feature.


If i use the separators will i be able to include a label representing each group? Just like the image above where labels’ titles are: Tools. Account, Help.

This is a must functionality for a side bar or developers have no other option but use jquery with bootstrap one.

About 2. you mentioned that you dont plan to implement such functionality in the near future which is confusing to me because you already have it implemented in the dhtmlxToolbar. But unfortunatelly i dont now how to use the toolbar in vertical mode. Let me know if it is possible.

  1. It is not available to add the text for the separators.
  2. dhtmlxtoolbar has a quite different functionality. I’ll send your request to the dev team on the consideration.


The sidebar will become very professional component if the dev team inclide the possibility to add a text label over each group. and the subgroups (collapsable/exapndable) and/or side overflow ones.


Thank you for your report. we’ll try to implement what is possible.