SideBar title ID parameter not working

Greetings dev,

The ID parameter on the sidebar is not working. Not really important but I need. Luckily the css is working.

How can I add image on this title type? This is my code.

 mainSideBarStuct = [
     type:'title', value: '<img src="/assets/images/logo.png">',
     id: 'mainSideBartitletop', css: 'mainSideBartitletopcss'
     type:'button', value: 'Human Resource', id: "humanresource"

I would like to add an image instead of text but it is not working.

for the image please, try to use the customHTML element insteadof the title:

Unfortuasnetly the problem with the missing id cannot be reproduced locally.
Please, refer to the following snippet:
id was added to the title successfully.